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out of this world

out of this world

The latest Max & Rosie fabric prints are here and they're out of this world! (Sorry about the pun, I couldn't resist!)

Handmade bags in galaxy star print

You may have seen a glimpse of these on social media recently when I shared what I was working on. Here's a proper look at some of my new favourite prints!

Colourful handmade one of a kind bags

Spectacular images of dazzling stars and nebulae taken by NASA's Hubble Telescope. The photographs have been digitally printed to pure cotton fabrics giving incredible detail and intense colour. 

Collection of handmade one of a kind project bags in star print fabrics

I decided to make some Box Bags first because the large size of these bags really shows off the beautiful details and makes the most of the fabric design. If you'd like to browse the different variations, you'll find the current collection here in the shop. I hope you like them as much as I do!

Group of handmade bags in galaxy print fabrics

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