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my sewing space

my sewing space

Hi everyone

I always enjoy seeing other people’s work spaces so I thought I’d show you mine. I work from home where I’ve set up my spare room as a sewing studio. It’s not huge so I try to keep things fairly organised.

A tidy sewing table with lots of threads and a sewing machine

My supplies and equipment as well as all of the stock for the Max & Rosie shop are stored in here so there isn’t really room to be too messy if I want enough space to make things too! This is the tidiest my desk has ever been though so I am pleased to capture it on camera before I start my next project.

Frances sitting at her sewing table

My sewing machine and overlocker live on the desk next to my threads and I also have a laptop for days when I’m not making. The Bernina sewing machine I use was originally my mom’s, bought in 1988 and then given to me about 12 years ago. I love it and think it has a better stitch than any other machines I’ve tried. For finishing seams and any sewing with stretch fabrics I use my overlocker, a Huskylock s15 which has a homemade cover I made recently with some sewing themed Alexander Henry fabric from my stash.

Bernina sewing machine

My most used sewing tools are always close to hand when I’m making something - they range from slightly odd things like a chop stick for poking out corners to the more usual suspects like scissors and seam rippers. Most of it is kept in a wooden tray or my fabric storage bucket that I made to match the overlocker cover.

Sewing tools on a table

Currently I’m in dressmaking mode and next on my sewing table is a Simplicity shirtdress that was originally meant for summer but I’m running quite behind. Once that’s finished, I’ll be cutting out a wool cocoon coat which will hopefully be ready in time for the cold weather! It’s the first coat I’ve attempted so I’m excited to get started and see how that goes.

Making handmade clothes on the sewing machine

In terms of making for the shop, I plan to start making more for the Christmas collection soon. Let me know if that's something you're interested in again and if there's anything in particular you'd like to see this year.

Thanks for reading, I’ll post my progress on social media to show you how I get on!


p.s. In the time it's taken to write and upload this blog post the desk is no longer tidy!

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