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one of my favourite makes from 2021

one of my favourite makes from 2021

I was so pleased with how this project turned out that I wanted to share it with you here on the blog in case you wanted to have a go yourself.

Handmade pompom wreath decoration

I wanted to make a wreath for my front door and rather than go down the traditional route of using foliage, I was keen to have one that would last year after year and add some cheerful colour. 

Handmade colourful pompom wreath

It's pretty fun don't you think?! 

The pompoms are made from some cheap acrylic yarn from the supermarket and I've sewn them onto a wire base that I covered in calico fabric. If you haven't made pompoms before don't be put off. I'd only made one before this and they're really simple, especially if you buy a pompom maker. Be prepared for fluff getting everywhere and you will need to make quite a lot of them in order to cover the base without gaps. It's quite a nice activity to get on with while watching tv in the evening though so it didn't seem to take long to make quite a few! 

Handmade Christmas wreath

I enjoyed making it so much I did another smaller one for my niece too! I hope she'll like it! 

I love mine and I'm already looking forward to putting it up again next year!!

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