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sewing cork fabric

sewing cork fabric

Hi everyone

I’ve been sewing a few different projects lately and I thought I’d share some with you. Have you come across cork fabric before? Sometimes referred to as cork leather, it’s a really interesting fabric and cork is apparently really eco friendly, sustainable and great for making bags and accessories.

Cork leather bag with chunky zip

I’d never heard of it until last year and I was really excited to get some and see what it’s like to sew with. There seem to be lots of different thicknesses and colours but I opted for a natural version from Minerva which is ultra thin and smooth to the touch. (Full disclosure: It was free in exchange for a post I did for them and you can find more details about it as well as some of my own dressmaking projects on my Minerva profile if you’d like to follow me over there.)

Handmade pen pot in cork leather and wax print cotton

When it arrived I decided to do a quick little project to test it and see what it was like to sew. Matt needed a pen pot for his desk so I sewed this reversible one with a cotton wax print lining. It was much like stitching normal fabric really except you can’t pin it obviously because it leaves permanent holes. 

Handmade cork leather weekend bag with zip pockets

For ages I’d had a weekend bag on my list of things to make. I know, slightly odd to choose to sew it while we’re still in lockdown but at least I’m prepared for whenever the restrictions are lifted! I didn’t use a sewing pattern for this project, I drafted my own based on some leather travel bags I’d seen on Pinterest.

Detail of a chunky zip in cork fabric bag

The size is really nice and will be useful for weekends away and maybe also trips to the rag market to stock up on more fabric when we’re allowed to!

Detail of a magnetic bag clasp on handmade cork leather bag

Handmade cork fabric weekend bag on a desk

After making the bag there was some fabric leftover and I always like to use every scrap if I can, so I decided to make a little plant hanger too. We’ve got so many house plants we’re running out of surfaces so hanging them up has become the obvious solution and they look lovely too!

Handmade cork fabric plant hanger in front of a window

Are cork accessories something you’d like to see in the Max & Rosie shop? If you have any comments or questions, please get in touch

Thanks for visiting and I will try not to leave it so long before I post again!


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