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inspired by nature

inspired by nature

If you're new to Max & Rosie you may not know that almost all of the fabrics I use are digitally printed designs that are exclusive to us. The print designs range from photographs to hand drawn patterns like our marble print.

 Handmade tree print cushion

Using the digital print process means that even the most intricate details in a photograph can be translated to fabric and some of my personal favourites are the prints that are inspired by nature. (By the way, if you're interested in learning about our print process you can find more info here.)

 Handmade rose print cushion

Whether it's the vibrant colours or the monochromatic silhouettes, the nature prints have so much impact and I think they work especially well when they're styled together like these roses and thorns below: 

Handmade rose and thorn print brush roll

The change in seasons is bringing interesting new shapes and colours to our outside spaces. At this time of year I'm watching eagerly for signs of Spring!

Digitally printed green leaf fabric

I'm going to try to remember to take my camera out with me more often and I'll see if I can add a few new nature prints to the collection this year. 

 Handmade grey rose print clutch bag tablet cover

If you'd like to see the current range of nature inspired prints, you can find them here.

Handmade pink rose print cushion

What are your favourite colours/textures in nature? Find me on social media and let me know your thoughts. 

Back soon!

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