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about digitally printed fabric

about digitally printed fabric

As you may know, all of our fabric prints are exclusive to Max & Rosie. We use digitally printed fabrics because of their exceptional quality and the ability it gives us to create unique designs that can't be found elsewhere. 

The beauty of this printing process is that it uses reactive dyes. Unlike other printing services which leave a film of pigment on the surface of the cloth, our fabrics remain just as soft after printing as they were before. This is especially important for items which are worn next to the skin such as our fine, cotton lawn Infinity Scarves. Digital printing also enables us to feature very precise, high quality images with all the fine detail we need, as you can see on our antique map fabric shown here:

Handmade digitally printed map print cushion

Working with our own artwork and/or photographs we are able to manipulate images to create patterns like our English Roses design. We can also adjust the colours and scale of any design to suit our range of products:

Digitally printed designer rose print fabric

My sister Laura and her partner Jamie run the studio that prints all of our exclusive fabric designs. How lucky is that! It’s great to work with kindred spirits who understand exactly what we want to achieve at Max & Rosie. Their printing expertise means that all of our unique fabric designs are perfectly suited to the garments, accessories and homewares we create.

We are currently working on choosing colours for a new fabric print which will be available soon. I'll post images once they're finalised!

Thanks for reading, back soon. 

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