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a gift for Mother's Day

a gift for Mother's Day

It can be tricky to think of new and different Mother's Day gifts each year, especially when the only suggestions on the high street are flowers and chocolate (not that I'm against flowers and chocolate of course)! However, I do think it's better to try to think of something a bit more personal that shows you've put some thought into the gift.
Max & Rosie handmade rose print bags

Choosing to give something handmade is definitely always a good start but why not take it a bit further and really make it special. Take one of our bags as your starting point and depending on what your mother likes, why not fill it with sweet treats, art and craft supplies, beauty products or a mix of all her favourite things. You can fit loads into the bags so you’ll be able to pop in plenty of treats to make it a really lovely gift.

Wishing all the moms reading a very happy Mother’s Day!

Max & Rosie handmade makeup bag

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